Player Associations

Below is the list and contact information for the current player associations, commonly referred to as factions, in Star Wars Visions. Under this listing are the policies we use in allowing for the creation of new player associations in the community.

Galactic Empire
Type: Government
Leader: Draco Tanos
Website: Link

Description: Formed from the bones of the rotting Republic, the Empire strives to restore the borders which fell in the bloody war against the Separatists and bring peace and order to the Galaxy.
True Sons of the Republic
Type: Rebel
Leader: Braxis Dren
Website: Link

Description: Once elements of the Republic Navy, the True Sons refused to swear oaths of allegiance to the newly formed Empire and took what resources they could rogue. Though unable to fight the Empire head to head, they are still a force to be reckoned with.
Sundance Cartel
Type: Pirate
Leader: Han Afrika
Website: Link

Description: The collapse of Republic rule of law over large swaths of the Galaxy has resulted in criminal organizations like the Sundance Cartel springing up and take power in the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim.

New Player Associations

Players desiring to form an Association within Star Wars Visions must first submit their group for review and approval. The following are requirements which need to be met before being considered:

  • It is not required, but it is suggested that the prospective group have a Website or Message Board System.
    These rules are subject to revision at any time.
  • Any Player Association websites must give proper credits and copyright information for material contained in them.
  • New Player Associations must have the following number of members before they will be considered (based on Type):
    • Bounty Hunting - (3 starting members)
    • Criminal - (3 starting members)
    • Mercenary - (3 starting members)
    • Pirate - (3 starting members)
    • Political - (5 starting members and highly restricted)
    • Religious - (3 starting members)
    • Security - (4 starting members)
    • Commerce - (3 starting members)
  • If the group cannot maintain a minimal level of activity over a 3 month period, the leader will be notified that the group is on probation and can be removed from SWV if activity does not improve.
  • Submissions for Player Associations must follow this format...
    • PA Name: (Types available are listed above)
    • Leader's Name:
    • Leader's E-mail:
    • Group Website (If Applicable):
    • Forum Address (If Applicable):
    • List of Current Members:
    • Group Summary (Purpose, goals, etc.):
    • Diplomatic status with other groups:

Any unique technologies used by the group will need to be submitted for review and must conform to the technological level of the SWV sim before being allowed to use them. Items from other sci-fi genres using similar technologies MAY or MAY NOT be considered.

Any submissions may be refused because of an excess of a certain type of group, inability to send all required information during the submission process, signs of a possible lack of activity, or for other reasons.

Note: The Administrators of SWV make the final decision regarding the leadership or status of Player Associations. No changes are "official" unless they are posted on the SWV News or otherwise announced by an admin or the Speaker of the Council of Members.