Internet Relay Chat

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the preferred method of live communication by Visionaries, the members of Star Wars Visions. The most popular IRC client for windows is known as mIRC. If you do not have a copy of mIRC, please feel free to download a copy for yourself by clicking Here.
At this time there is a chat room for all members of the SWV simulation. The address is provided below.
IRC Server:
Given Privately (If needed)
By clicking the following link, you will be auto-connected to the our official IRC channel. WARNING! You must have mIRC already installed for the link to work. Click Here!
If you have any problems trying to access the chat room, please feel free to access the IRC Section of our Message Boards. Once opened, there will be announcements posted if the staff of SWV are aware of a problem. If we are not aware there is one, please feel free to make a post and let us know.
For those who are unable to use programs such as mIRC, a web-based chat client is provided below. Once you are on the chat server, it should automatically connect you to the proper channel.