Policy & Procedures

Getting Started

Greetings. On behalf of the Administrative staff, welcome to Star Wars Visions.
Our rules are constantly developing, but here are the basics:
1).,. Canon Names
  • You may not use canon names from Star Wars, StarGate, Star Trek, Dune, etc.
  • You MAY use canon first names and last names, but not in a combination that makes a canon character. (Luke Solo, not Luke Skywalker. James Riker, not William Riker, etc)
2)... No claiming Force Sensitivity without Admin approval.
3)... No claiming Teras Kasi fighting abilities without Admin approval.
4)... No claiming positions in factions without group leader approval. Look in the Factions section for information on which factions are available and how to join them.
5)... No godmoding/metagaming.
6)... No OOC rumor spreading. Spreading rumors In Character, within a RP environment (SWV IC IRC rooms or Message Boards) is allowed.
7)... You are entitled to one (1) character with the only exceptions...
  • Players using the same internet connection (hence forth dubbed "multis") must register with an Admin.
  • Multis must both be in the same faction, have one freelance and one in a faction, have both freelance, or receive Admin consent for playing in different groups.
8 ) As the rules are still being developed, defections aren't permitted without fully role playing it out or with group leader approval.
9 ) Acceptable Races:
  • Arconan
  • Barabel
  • Bith
  • Bothan
  • Cathar
  • Chiss
  • Devaronian
  • Dressellian
  • Duros
  • Falleen
  • Farghl
  • Firrerreo
  • Gand
  • Geonosian
  • Givin
  • Gran
  • Gungan
  • Human
  • Human - Cambrian
  • Human - Echani (Requires Admin consent)
  • Human - Hapan (Requires Admin consent)
  • Hutt
  • Ishi Tib
  • Ithorian
  • Kaminoan
  • Mon Calamari
  • Nautolan
  • Neimoidian
  • Noghri (Requires Admin consent)
  • Quarren
  • Rodian
  • Ryn
  • Sluissi
  • Squib
  • Sullustan
  • Togorian
  • Togruta
  • Trandoshan
  • Trianii
  • Twi'lek
  • Verpine
  • Whiphid
  • Wookiee
  • Zabrak
  • Zeltron
Genetically compatible species are as follows: Chiss, Firrerreo, Human, Human - Cambrian, Human - Hapan, Zabrak, and Zeltron.
Note: Mixed races/hyrbids are not allowed at this point.

Character Death

1)... Death may occur under the following conditions:
  • In a moderated sim scenario without the consent of the player when the character has been injured to a degree which is irreversible or has not been reversed in an appropriate amount of time.
  • In any IC thread only with the consent of the player.
2)... Posting the death of any other playing character aside from your own is considered a Godmode and will be treated as such.
3)... The decision for the characterís death is ultimately in the hands of the moderator(s) in charge of the scenario.
4)... Starships, items, etc possessed by your character cannot be transferred to your next character, even if it is a relation to your previous character.
5)... If killed in a scenario, all possessions your character has will be divided as the moderator of the scenario sees fit.
6)... If killed in a normal RP thread, all possessions of your character will be divided up as the owner of the character sees fit.
7)... Decisions of a moderator with regard to character death can be appealed to the CoM, which will consider the actions of the moderator and can overrule it only with a majority vote. If it is requested, the decision of the CoM and the moderator can be reviewed by the sim administration.

Character Defection

1)... A defection, for the purpose of this simulation, is termed as the following: any action taken by a character of a faction to leave or otherwise disown allegiance to the faction of which they are a member and join, take up residence with, or otherwise affiliates with an opposing or unallied or otherwise unaffiliated faction. Thus, a member of the Rebel Alliance defecting to the Galactic Empire would be considered a defection, but a member of the Galactic Empire leaving to join Seinar Fleet Systems would not be considered a defection and thus these rules listed would not apply.
2)... If the character is a retired member of a faction and joins, take up residence with, or otherwise affiliates with an opposing or unallied or otherwise unaffiliated faction, this is also considered defection and will be treated as such, unless the leadership of the retired characterís faction does not wish it to be deemed so.
3)... Any defection must be played out to its conclusion in an RP scenario moderated by a person or persons designated by sim administration.
4)... Just because a player is defecting from a faction does NOT give the leadership of the faction the authority to immediately arrest or otherwise restrain, injure, or kill the defecting character. Faction leadership or other members of the faction must have an IC basis for taking such actions. It cannot be based in OOC knowledge.
5)... Faction assets (starships, etc) attached to the defecting character may or may not remain with the character. The "flagship" vessel or other asset directly associated with the character will remain loyal to the character, however the controlling faction must be given a chance to employ intelligence agents or other personnel loyal to the faction to retake the vessel, vehicle, installation, or other asset. The moderator, based upon the situation within the thread, will decide upon the affiliations of additional assets beyond the flagship vessel.
6)... Decisions or the moderator with regard to the outcome of the defection or final affiliation of faction assets may be appealed to the CoM, which can overturn the decisions with a majority vote. If requested, the decision of the CoM can be reconsidered by the sim administration.

Spying & Intelligence Gathering

1)... No OOC material from a sim related message board, IRC Chat Log, or other source may be used for IC gains. This includes things such as ship listings, troop deployments, etc. These are typically listed as OOC material and should not be distributed as IC intelligence.
2)... Blackmail or other forms of OOC intimidation cannot be used for IC gains of any kind and will not be tolerated by any member of the simulation.
3)... No player may join another faction for the unexpressed purpose of espionage, spying, acts of sedition, or any other actions deemed damaging to the faction joined by both faction leadership and the sim administration. Doing so will result in harsh consequences to ALL parties involved, ranging from temporary banning from the message boards and chat to full dismissal from the simulation. Actions along these lines will NOT be tolerated by anyone within the simulation.
4)... You may join a faction for the purpose of espionage, spying, acts of sedition, etc IF you inform sim administration and faction leadership prior to doing so. If either the faction leadership or sim administration rejects this request, you cannot go through with it.
5)... If a faction deploys a reconnaissance mission to a specific target, this action must be played out in a thread, thus giving the owner of the target a chance to intercept or otherwise negate the reconnaissance attempt. If the attempt is successful, the faction or player owning the target must disclose the information the reconnaissance mission was attempting to gain.
6)... Any intelligence data used in an IC posting MUST have some IC backing for your character or faction to possess it. Ex: If the Rebels have a base on Hoth, to wage an assault on the planet the assaulting faction must know the base is there or have reason to suspect rebel activity in the vicinity based upon IC evidence.
7)... If you wish to have intelligence data of any nature but are unsure of how to gather it, talk with the opposing faction. Typically an agreement can be worked out which is mutually beneficial to both parties.

Forum Signatures & Avatars

1)... Signatures are restricted to 450x210 in size. If your sig goes outside these limits, you will receive ONE warning PM. If the sig is not changed within 24 hours after the PM, it will be removed by an admin.
2)... Avatars are restricted to 100x100 and will be displayed as such on the threads. However, if you remote to an avatar that's larger, it will appear at original size in your profile. One of the mods I have installed will automatically resize for the thread display, but it may not display as clearly as a full sized one. I suggest making one that is 100x100 so it isn't distorted.
3)... A thread in the General Discussion Forums has been set aside specifically for signature testing. If you do not test your sig on that thread, the new thread will be deleted. There's plenty spamming room in that one.

Inactive Forum Accounts

1)... If your account is not logged into for one month without an LOA notice to the admins, then you will receive a warning email. If an account is inactive for 2 months, it's deleted. If the warning email is returned, your account will be deleted. Make sure your emails are valid and that you check them.

Spreading Rumors/Discontent

As seen in several other sims, the spreading of rumors and/or discontent can paralyze an RPG sim. Therefore, SWV has adopted a zero tolerance policy with those who start or spread rumors. Below is an excerpt written by Wryn Lora-Ravyn which is a classic example of what SWV is trying to avoid.
One of the things I love about the group of people in this sim is that we're all generally on good standing with each other. Heck, most of us are downright friendly. There has been a bit of a rocky past between some, but we're all big kids now and (hopefully) have moved past it. If not, we keep it to ourselves and don't let it get in the way of having fun, the ultimate purpose of a sim.
In other sims, the spreading of rumors has been a bother and a point of driving simmers apart. It is a shame that some people believe lies and half-truths can make them a better person. Taking something on the Internet so personally is silly. There are certainly more important things in the world than what happens in a chat room or on a message board.
However, there are certain guidelines generally accepted among simmers as courteous. Insulting people is not nice. Rudeness is not accepted. Slander and libel are reason enough to get a simmer in trouble. Since people see sims as a sort of relief from real life and harassment and rudeness online don't offer much of that, do they?
Recently, a rumor has come to the attention of the admins. Not only is this a silly and ridiculous story, itís a rather low shot by the person suspected to be dealing the blow. I certainly don't pretend to know what everyone thinks of me, but I will remind everyone that these forums are on my webspace, so any rumors spread about them specifically reflects on me.
So, a hidden sex forum is supposedly expected? That makes me laugh. If I were to have a hidden sex forum of some sort, I would certainly not put it on anything as public as SWV. I am more than willing to tell you guys there are some hidden forums with restricted access. All sims have them. Some discussions shouldn't be public. There is certainly not a sex forum however. Personally, I like my sex in real life, not on a forum. Last I checked this sim was in the business (non-profit of course) of making simmers happy, not making pornos.
If anyone has any questions about this, please feel free to contact me. I'll be glad to speak with you about it and laugh with you at how stupid this rumor is. As for the person who attempted this rumor? I salute you. Nice try, kiddo. Keep on truckiní and let me know when you come up with something feasible.
Not only is the accusation of a sexual forum a total lie, it is also grounds for the accuser to be permanently banned from SWV. These types of rumor only cause the sim to suffer. Prospective members can see these types of rumors and will get the idea that this is not a sim, but a perverted joke and will therefore decide not to join us. Members are our lifeblood. Without them, SWV will stagnate and die out like so many other sims have done in the past. We do not want to end up like them.

Starting Unit Numbers

Below are the finalized numbers regarding starting amounts of ships. No additions or changes will be made to the shiplist except in the case of adding in new factions.
Galactic Empire
  • 160 Heavy Capital Ships
  • 320 Medium Capital Ships
  • 450 Light Capital Ships
  • 12,500 Shuttlecraft
  • 1800 Starfighter Squadrons
  • 1,000,000 Vehicles
  • 5,400,000,000 Troops
Rebel Alliance
  • 40 Heavy Capital Ships
  • 60 Medium Capital Ships
  • 100 Light Capital Ships
  • 3000 Shuttlecraft
  • 400 Starfighter Squadrons
  • 360,000 Vehicles
  • 1,200,000,000 Troops
Black Sun
  • 2 Heavy Capital Ships
  • 20 Medium Capital Ships
  • 60 Light Capital Ships
  • 1000 Shuttlecraft
  • 120 Starfighter Squadrons
  • 12,000 Vehicles
  • 1,200,000 Troops
Government Factions
  • 3 Heavy Capital Ships
  • 30 Medium Capital Ships
  • 40 Light Capital Ships
  • 500 Shuttlecraft
  • 100 Starfighter Squadrons
  • 120,000 Vehicles
  • Troops >5% of the Total Population
Pirate, Mercenary, and Security Factions
  • 1 Heavy Capital Ship
  • 12 Medium Capital Ships
  • 24 Light Capital Ships
  • 200 Shuttlecraft
  • 60 Starfighter Squadrons
  • 16,000 Vehicles
  • 1,000,000 Troops
Production Factions
  • 6 Medium Capital Ships
  • 18 Light Capital Ships
  • 300 Shuttlecraft
  • 32 Starfighter Squadrons
  • 4000 Vehicles
  • 200,000 Troops
Other Faction Types Starting unit numbers for other faction types will be announced "As needed".

Space Stations, Shipyards, & Orbital Defenses

Note: For the time being, orbital defenses are done via a deployment cost system.
Galactic Empire
  • 350 Stations, 70000 Deployment Points
  • 10 Basic Shipyards
  • 8 Light Shipyards
  • 6 Medium Shipyards
  • 4 Heavy Shipyards
  • 3 Imperial Shipyards
Rebel Alliance
  • 120 Stations, 22000 Deployment Points
  • 5 Basic Shipyards
  • 4 Light Shipyards
  • 4 Medium Shipyards
  • 2 Heavy Shipyards
  • 2 Mon Calamari Shipyards
Black Sun
  • 30 Stations, 6000 Deployment Points
  • 2 Basic Shipyards
  • 2 Light Shipyards
  • 1 Medium Shipyard
Government Factions
  • 40 Stations, 8000 Deployment Points
  • 2 Basic Shipyards
  • 2 Light Shipyards
  • 1 Medium Shipyard
  • 1 Heavy Shipyard
Pirate, Mercenary, and Security Factions
  • 20 Stations, 4000 Deployment Points
  • 3 Basic Shipyards
  • 1 Light Shipyard
Production Factions
  • 60 Stations, 2000 Deployment Points
Other Faction Types Starting unit numbers for other faction types will be announced "As needed" or will be based on the type of production.