SWV Staff

Note: listed individuals are in alphabetical order.


The Administration is responsible for the day-to-day operation of Star Wars: Visions. There are three Administrators, equal in power, authority, and access. Each has one vote and may cast it as he wishes on any outstanding issues, with the majority winning. Unanimous votes are required for some issues, such as faction creation approval. Each Administrator is elected by the Sim, following the procedure outlined here.
  • Daaros Zaar - Administrator of Roleplay Development

  • Daaros Zaar, aka Munro, has been a member of SWV since 2004. Originally a member of the Galactic Empire, he also started the Sundance Cartel (as Han Afrika) in 2008 and as his current character leads the Rebel Alliance. He has served frequently on the Council of Members and was elected as an SWV Administrator in 2009 to replace Jacen Boshuu. As the Administrator of Roleplay Development, his responsibilities include monitoring thread moderators, moderating the Galactic Market and Galactic Employment Centre, and helping new members acclimate to the SWV Roleplay system.

  • Karl von Roma - Administrator of Community Development

  • Karl von Roma is a founding member and Administrator of SWV, and has thus been with the sim since its inception in 2004. He serves as the leader of the Galactic Empire. As the Administrator of Community Development, his responsibilities include recruiting, acting as an intermediary between Visions and other organizations, and assisting with roleplay moderation as necessary.

  • Pitir Strathmore - Administrator of Rules Development

  • Pitir Strathmore, aka Kyros Terrian or KT, has been a member of SWV since 2005. Originally a member of the Galactic Empire, he was a founding member of the Sundance Cartel and currently leads that faction. He served on the Council of Members and Rules Team prior to being elected as an Administrator in 2008 to replace Math. As the Administrator of Rules Development, his responsibilities include updating the website, developing new rules and features for SWV's membership, and assisting with roleplay moderation as necessary.

Technical Staff

Technical Staff assist the Administration with Sim affairs. They are appointed by the Administration, and typically aid in all aspects of Sim operations.

  • Hawkeye - PHPBB3 Maintenance
  • Jacen Boshuu - Community, Rules & Roleplay Advisor
  • William Ravyn - IRC & Force Rules Development